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Amy has helped change my life. After I figured out the nutrition part of my life, I met Amy about a month later and she helped me add in the physical part.The boot camps are an addiction for me now and I saw great results within the first several weeks. Then I started personal training with her too, and that's where I saw the dramatic results I've been looking for. I'm stronger, faster, and have more endurance than I had in high school and college. She takes the time to work individually with me showing me form and explaining the reasons behind the movements and how to do them properly. She's very attentive and answers my many questions any time. ​ Hands down you are the best trainer. I always tell people you’re like a scientist because you’re constantly learning new science about the body and adjusting your training accordingly and it’s evident in the results your clients have year over year. Thank you, Amy Brantner! #clientforlife ​ ~Elea S.


A Remarkable Journey to Success with Coach Amy Brantner. ​ I recently had the privilege of working with the extraordinary fitness coach, Amy Brantner and I am thrilled to share my incredible experience. Amy's unparalleled expertise and dedication helped me reach new heights in my fitness journey, specifically in preparation for a bodybuilding competition. Her comprehensive approach encompassed meal plans, macro monitoring, and a customized workout program, ultimately leading me to triumph in the National Physique Committee (NPC) bodybuilding competition in Boise, Idaho. ​ From the onset, Amy demonstrated her commitment to my success by crafting a meticulously designed fitness strategy tailored to my specific goals. She took the time to understand my aspirations and carefully crafted a meal plan that fueled my body while considering my personal preferences and dietary restrictions. Her attention to detail and deep knowledge of nutrition enabled me to make significant progress and maintain optimal performance throughout my training. ​ Monitoring daily macros and caloric consumption played a vital role in my journey, and Amy's guidance was invaluable. She consistently tracked my nutrition, making adjustments as needed to ensure I was on track to achieve my desired physique. Her ability to strike the perfect balance between proper nutrition and my training needs was a game-changer, enabling me to achieve a level of conditioning I had only dreamed of before. ​ Amy's workout program was nothing short of exceptional. Every session was thoughtfully designed, challenging my limits while focusing on the areas that required the most attention. Her understanding of bodybuilding principles and her ability to tailor exercises to my specific needs ensured that I made consistent progress, building muscle and refining my physique. Amy's keen eye for detail and unwavering support during our training sessions were pivotal in my success. ​ Thanks to Amy's expert guidance and unwavering support, I competed in the NPC bodybuilding competition in Boise, Idaho, and brought home three impressive trophies. Placing 2nd in one category and 3rd in two others on my first attempt is a testament to Amy's unparalleled coaching abilities. Her encouragement, motivation, and belief in my potential were instrumental in pushing me beyond my limits and achieving such remarkable results. Working with Amy Brantner at APF Fitness and Wellness Center has been an exceptional experience. Her passion for her craft, combined with her extensive knowledge and unwavering dedication, make her an outstanding fitness coach. ​ Amy's ability to create a comprehensive fitness strategy, monitor macros and caloric consumption, and design a tailored workout program set her apart from the rest. I am grateful for the transformative journey she guided me through, and I wholeheartedly recommend Amy to anyone seeking an exceptional fitness coach to help them achieve their goals. ​ Thank you, Amy, for your unwavering support, expertise, and for pushing me to become the best version of myself. ​ Rich Galtieri


I have been training with Amy for about four years now. I wanted to do a figure competition and at the time I weighed about 187 and was around 37% body fat. Amy didn’t laugh at me 😂. She recommended fixing my metabolism after years of dieting. I ate more food than ever and lost fat! We took it slow and two years ago I competed in my first competition! It was a blast! I have continued to work with Amy to maintain a healthy lifestyle! I recently did Amy’s Genetic Based Program Design and found out some things that we have incorporated into my program that have made a huge difference. ​ Melissa D.


Let me start by saying I have read a few fitness testimonials in my lifetime. Always thinking to myself "Wow, way to go, or "Holy shit they look amazing" or my favorite "Is that the same person"? Well it is now my turn to expose my ugly truth. I was truly over weight and in a bad place in life. Feeling unhappy, lonely, unattractive and lost I turned to the good ole comfort food. Yep, I was overeating, drinking and working a lot to fill the void. It wasnt until my divorce that I realize that I needed to take my life in a healthy direction. Purge the shit storm so to speak. I turned to Amy Brantner/sister, trainer, gym owner and certified nutritionist for help. Now I know some think there is a special drink that taste terrible or a pill that makes you skinny or fairy dust out there but nope that's not the case. I was introduced to a healthy eating plan and consistent exercise routine. Yep there it is. I did what my amazing trainer told me to do. That's the secret my friends. Was it easy? No.Was it worth it? Yes!! Less than a year ago I said what my sister never thought I would say,"I think I want to train for a show". I competed in my first show two weeks ago and felt so empowered. I have never felt so strong, fit and happier in my life. I am so very thankful to Amy Brantner for helping me succeed. My new goal is set and I am ready begin my training. I hope this will inspire others who are ready to make a change. Step one..let go of whatever is unhealthy that no longer serves a positive purpose in your life. Step two...get a trainer/ friend or in my case both to help you set your goals.  Above all believe in yourself and know your worth it ;) ​ ~Tanya Y.

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When I started working with Amy I had been running and doing magazine workouts, but I wanted better results. I have worked with personal trainers before so I knew that they could help me achieve better results. However, Amy has helped me achieve far beyond what I thought I was capable of!!!! She has been there every step of the way, giving me new ideas and workouts to best push my body. I brought the motivation but she brought the results!!! Now I am doing things I never thought possible, including training for several half marathons throughout the upcoming year. More importantly I feel great, have lots more energy. Amy not only changed my life but showed me how to live a new healthier lifestyle. ​ ~Kim R.


My journey with Amy has been amazing! My goal was to get strong and lean. With Amy, I have cut my body fat in half and gained so much muscle that my grandsons brag about how strong their Nana is! Post menopause can be a discouraging time for weight control. Thank you beyond words, Amy, for what you have done to improve my life! ​ ~Patti B.

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I want to thank the best trainers in the whole wide world, Amy Brantner and Miranda Downs. You have pushed me and helped me become the best version of me. You have helped me challenge my limits and reach beyond dreams. You inspire me every day and because of you I didn't give up. Thank u for all u do! You are amazing women!!!! ​ ~Sharon H.

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My hubby, myself, and our adult daughter all started working with Amy 30days ago and WOW! The program is focused, from the food to the workouts and we are all seeing a difference. It’s not a magic pill, it takes work but Amy is with each of us every step of the way and when challenges arise she works to make incremental tweaks and encourages continued diligence. We are each continuing this journey with her and are looking forward to continued successes!! Thanks Amy! Robyn G

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After putting on such a large amount of weight I had no idea how to go After putting on such a large amount of weight I had no idea how to go about shedding the pounds and becoming healthy again.Amy has been the greatest motivational factor through our personal training sessions. Not only have I taken off several pounds and inches, but I have noticed a huge positive change in my attitude and overall outlook on life. I have worked with different trainers in the past, butI can honestly say this is the greatest experience and results I've had. Thank you!!! This was only in 3 months time. ~Renae K.

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Mandy Before and After

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Amy Brantner thank YOU! I finally, FINALLY learned from working with you that fat loss is about ones' DIET. I always tried to out-run my crappy eating habits and it never worked, lol. I haven't felt this good since my early 30s 😁!!! Stephanie S.

In just over 6 months of working with Amy I've gone from just wanting my body to stop hurting all the time to feeling capable of and starting to train for an attempt to climb Mt. Everest next spring. Thank you Amy for transforming my body with strength, flexibility, aerobic work, and nutritional advice. This is the best I've felt in years!"

~Kevin J.

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