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Meet Our Coaches

Amy Brantner

CFT/SFN/CFSC/Certified DNA Program Designer/Certified Glute Specialist - 2017 Overall Physique Champion - 2019 National and World's Powerlifitng Champion ​ I have gone through many of the same weight loss trial and errors that everyone has. I have tried almost every diet that exists, every diet pill and every workout program that has been advertised on TV; just to find out that there is no magic pill and that the workout programs either gather dust or they were not the right program for me. In 2007 my husband and I decided to put some new trees in front of our house. After shoveling only two shovels full of dirt I was out of breath! I thought, "OK this is ENOUGH, I have to get into shape!" I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life. Something had to change and change now! I decided to conduct some research on weight loss and discovered how our body works and figured out what to eat and why and what exercises I needed that would fit my goals and my lifestyle. Fitness and health became my hobby, my children saw my enthusiasm and started asking questions and now read food labels and want to exercise with me; it is a great feeling to know that I am setting a great example for my children. After all my hard work and persistence I was so excited to reach my goals. I lost 27 pounds (I am only 5’2”, so that is a lot of weight for me) and went from 29% body fat to 18% body fat and went from a women’s size 9 to a junior’s size 1. I grew such a passion for health and fitness that I decided to enroll in school to become a personal trainer. I became a Certified Fitness Trainer and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the International Sport​s Science Association (ISSA), where I learned to work with all ages of people, all fitness levels and now have the ability to provide nutritional advice. I know how I felt when I met my goal, which is why I am so excited to help you reach your goals! No more dieting, you will be making a long-term lifestyle change. Areas of Expertise: Nutrition Fat Loss Muscle Gain Physique Competitions Functional Strength Muscle and Strength Building Glute Building

Katie Hornberger

Exhausted, grappling with brain fog, and feeling sluggish became my daily struggle. Juggling the responsibilities of being a mother to four boys, I realized the pressing need to prioritize my health to serve my family more effectively. I aspired to be the mom who showed up at her best every day, but I was not. Fast forward to shedding 25 pounds, reducing my body fat by 15%, and losing numerous inches,  —I never envisioned the transformation that would take place and spark that would ignite to share this passion for health and wellness with others.  This transformation extends beyond the physical realm, creating a positive ripple effect in every aspect of life. I'm passionate about conveying the message that anyone can reach their goals, experience enhanced well-being, and elevate their life in multiple areas. It all begins with a commitment to change habits, prioritize nutrition and clean eating, and strive to be a slightly better version of yourself each day, building upon that progress. As a certified fitness trainer I am here to support and guide you on this journey because we all benefit from a bit of encouragement and accountability!

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