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How soon can I expect to see results?

While building a great body composition takes time (just as it took time to get to where you are right now), you can expect certain changes to happen very quickly. For example, our clients who follow the exact program laid out by their coaches often experience more energy, less brain fog, better sleep, and other quality-of-life improvements within their first week. If you stick with the program for a long time (while eating foods you love, doing less cardio, and gaining back time in your life!), you’ll get to look back in 6 months to a year and see a completely new you!

Do I get to pick my coach?

Our coaches are certified in both nutrition and fitness and hold other specialty certifications, education, and experience in the field. While members cannot select a specific coach, every coach goes through a rigorous hiring process, all hand-selected to join the coaching team by the founders of CSC. We use the information you share with us to pair you with your optimal coach from the very beginning, and our coaching team then works collectively to ensure that all of our members get the most personalized and effective help possible! In the rare occurrence that you and your coach aren’t a perfect fit, you can always reach out and we’ll pair you with a different coach based on your feedback.

How often can I communicate with my coach?

As a CSC Premium Member, you have a direct line via written messages in our app. to your VIP coach daily. Our coaches have 24-48 hours to respond to all messages; this will ensure that our coaches are providing the most useful, detailed guidance possible in their responses. In addition, you have access to team calls with your coach and fellow CSC Members every other week, as well as monthly community calls that have a specialty-topic to help guide you. You will also have a 15 to 20 minute one-on-one call with your coach monthly. All calls are hosted via video through our app.

I am great with workouts, I just need help with my nutrition.

Great, we do have a nutrition only course where your private coach will help you with your macronutrients and check on your progress weekly to ensure how everything is working for you and adjust anything necessary.

I am brand new or a busy mom, is there somewhere I can start before I join the premium membership?

If you're brand new or a busy mom looking to make healthier changes before committing to the premium membership, we offer the Healthier You Package. This package includes follow-along workout videos, you will have access to a macro guide and calculator to help you estimate what macros you should be intaking. Explore our Healthier You program for a great starting point.

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