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Its not a

Diet, its a

Lifestyle change

short term

long term

Where do I start?

Let Us Help You Figure Out Which Plan is Best For You!

Katie and Amy - CSC Co-Founders

Clean Strength Co

At Clean Strength Co, we go beyond traditional fitness by offering a holistic approach to your well-being.


Our tailored programs not only focus on effective fat loss and body composition but also provide personalized workouts and nutrition plans.


We understand that a healthy mindset is integral to your fitness journey, and our comprehensive approach ensures you achieve sustainable results.


Elevate your fitness experience with Clean Strength Co, where we prioritize your physical, nutritional, and mental well-being.

Join our free community access to our calculators and other goodies.


How Does It Work?

Collaborate with your coach to define your health and body objectives, and devise
strategies to attain them. Your experienced coach will furnish you with personalized
macronutrient details, workout routines, and will be there to assist with any necessary
adjustments, ensuring you make progress toward your goals.

Who Is It For?

Who Can Benefit? Our memberships cater to individuals who are weary of yo-yo dieting
and seek a sustainable approach to achieve and maintain their desired body and health
for a lifetime. This program is suitable for everyone, regardless of their current fitness

What Can I Expect?

Upon joining CSC, your membership connects you with a dedicated coach who crafts a
personalized nutrition and workout regimen. Your individualized coach will assist you
with macronutrients, prescribe exercises, make weekly adaptations as required, host
biweekly Q&A sessions, and offer one virtual personal session each month to address
any pertinent matters related to your goals. Additionally, our exclusive community is
available to share valuable tips, tricks, and foster a positive mindset.

Who Is This Not For?

This program is not for someone seeking a quick fix, a 30 day weight loss, or someone seeking a fad diet. We want to revolutionize your health inside and out true health takes consistency and patience, but the results will be long lasting.

Become a CSC Premium+ Member

  • 1:1 Personal Coach

  • Customized Macros 

  • Customized Workouts

  • Q&A Sessions

  • CSC App Access

  • Uplifting Community Access

  • Monthly live checkin with coach

  • Live Monthly Mindset Coaching Session

  • Choice of 3, 6 and 12 month memberships

Weight Training

How the Premium and Premium+ Membership Work

ICommitting to a Consistent Workout Routine and Nutriton Plan will not only Build Your Body it will also Build Your Mind.


Personal Coach

After you join you will be assigned a coach that we feel will work best with you. All of our coaches are experienced and certified. They will create customized workouts and macronutrients that will help you reach your goals. Your coaches will do weekly progress checks to make any necessary adjustments

We will have biweekly Q&A calls. This is a time to get some of your questions answered and have a discussion with others on your team. If you are unable to make the call you can send some questions in advance to your coach and they will make sure to answer it during this call. All calls will be recorded so you can view it when you are avaialble.


Q&A Calls


Monthly Virtual Call with Coach**

You get a one on one virtual session with your coach. This is a time to discuss anything that you may need help with. This really helps if you need us to show you how to perform an exercise or if you are having some hurdles that you need to overcome.

**This service only comes with the + Memberships


24/7 Support

You can send your coach a question at anything through our CSC App. Your coach should reply in 24 to 48 hours. This is for anything you are not comfortable sharing in a group or if you do not quite understand something.

On a monthly basis we will have a video call where we will give you some tips and advice that will help you with your mindset.  Getting healthy has a lot to do with mindset and when we can get our mind aligned with what we want to do the easier your journey will be.


Monthly Mindset Calls


CSC Apps

You will have access to our CSC App. Which will be where your workouts will be loaded, you can log your nutrition and connect with your coach and the CSC Community.

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