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28 Day CSC5 Method Challenge

  • 28Days
  • 133Steps


🌟 Join the 28 Day CSC5 Method Challenge! 💪 Incorporate our 5 Pillars on an 80/20 basis and witness sustainable changes in your life! Start anytime between 4/24/24-5/2/24 and stand a chance to win up to $70(there must be 5 competitors to win the full prize) by completing the challenge with at least 80% adherence. Are you ready for positive transformation? Let's do this! If there is a tie in % completion you will split the winnings. CSC5 Method 128 ounces of water daily 5 Strength Training Workouts per Week 7 or more hours of Sleep Hitting your macros Mindset - Breath Work/work on positivity Daily Entry Fee: $28 #CSC5Method #ChallengeAccepted #TransformYourLife

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